Unfortunately as legislation stands at the moment anybody can set up a barbers, a hair salon or a beauty salon, but thank goodness after years of lobbying parliament thing are slowly changing slowly.

Bexley council announce two weeks ago that salons throughout Bexley will have to be licenced of will be unable to trade.

This is at a cost though to the business owner of at least £800 per year, and £40.00 per member of staff within the salon. but this will ensure that the salon and all its employees are fully qualified and have the correct insurance health and safety I the work place is up to scratch and that the correct guidelines are being followed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and clients alike, and that the premises is fit for use with all the correct equipment.

We at ugly Bettys pride ourselves in having a very highly skilled and trained group of professional stylists and therapists. Hairdressing and beauty is a vocation it’s something that’s is in your blood from an early age ‘well it was for me.

‘Your stylist/therapist will have done 18 months to two years, one day a week at college and washed, the hair nor waxed the legs of thousands before they qualified and a junior stylist/therapist at NVQ level Two.

On minimum apprentice wage they sweep make teas, coffees and stand on their feet all day watch and learn their trade.

When they qualify as a junior stylist they have had two years’ experience, ready you might say and in some cases yes, but much more training lies ahead for these young apprentices. It will take another three years’ experience to qualify as a senior stylist/therapist. To specialise in colour bridal cutting or in some cases all of the above, this enables the apprentice to gain confidence and knowledge in the work place. And learn from others in there trade to progress to the advanced level three NVQ this showed true dedication to the vocation.

Running a salon there are lots of overheads to rent, rates, licences, memberships NHF hairdressing council, wages vat, Ni contributions, stock ‘of a high quality ‘and a long list of other overheads.

Hear at Ugly Bettys we highly value our work force of fantastic therapist and training is at the

Forefront of the ethos of the salon.

Great hair and beauty if done well and with high quality products does not come cheap so value your stylist and therapist they have worked hard for years to enable them to make you feel amazing about yourself.

And ask yourself would you work for less??

‘Great hair and beauty doesn’t happen by chance it happens with dedicated highly skilled therapists here at Ugly Bettys hair and beauty that have spent years training why? You might ask yourself for the love of the job and because we believe our clients’ARE WORTH IT'

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